Gsb as a growth partner

We support established brands as manufacturing partners, ensuring great creative capacity and maintaining high quality standards.

Prototypes and development

Consultancy and assistance in the planning and development stages of the models.


Covering parts of footwear and leather goods with attention to every detail.


Soles, footwear components and leather goods assembling with high sealing warranty.

Fraying, roughing and skiving

Defibration and carding of footwear parts and leather goods for a better anchorage of the parts.

Treatments of shoe bottoms and soles

Washing, adhesions, uv on soles and shoe bottoms treatments to obtain the best bonding.

Advanced technologies

Use of advanced technologies such as laser cutting, engraving and scratching, but also 3d design and printing of components and accessories.

Great passion for what we do

An entrepreneurial history begun in the early 90’s. The right intuitions and the correct philosophy have allowed the company to become a solid reality in the footwear market.


The engine button and soul of our company.

Quality Control

The indisputable quality of our products is the result of a minute control.


We train and only rely on high profile professional figures. A guarantee for our customers.


Great production possibilities but never at the expense of quality. Excellence above all.

We believe in young talents

We believe that young people have the right to be properly trained by learning an ancient trade that is now being accomplished using advanced technologies. Our purpose is to train and ensure this kind of future for our young generation.


We have created a footwear training school for young people who want to learn all the necessary techniques for entering the job market.

Artisan Techniques

We give value to the teaching techniques handed down over time. Who we are is the consequence of what we have been.

Qualified Staff

We entrust training to highly qualified staff. Teachers who have great experience in production and teaching.

Latest Technologies

From laser cutting and engraving to 3d printing. We have advanced technologies so that young people can learn and apply them practically.

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