Train to grow


GSB offers its own training school for those wishing to undertake a professional career in the footwear market: the 3AND FACTORY SCHOOL, a footwear training institute born from the collaboration between GSB srl, ROOKIE srl and MANPOWER srl, dedicated to young people who want to learn all the techniques needed to enter the job market.

An opportunity for young people who want to undertake a concrete training course, followed by trained and qualified teachers on the field. Theory, a lot of manuality and practice to create a very good level of knowledge.

The future is in your hands... our task is to prepare you!

We believe that young people have the right to train properly by learning an ancient trade that today is accomplished using advanced technology. Our purpose is to train and ensure this kind of future for our young generation.
The training school is in constant contact with shoe factories that require professional resources, and it is this interaction that makes our training school particularly concrete.